The New Curiosity Shop @ The Grit presents The Xmas Selection Box

It’s December in Lowestoft! The North Wind doth blow and we shall have a bit of an Xmas Party Special at our brilliant new pop-up presentation partners amazing venue The Grit.

Rather than the usual single guest performer to entertain you, we’ll be bringing you a small but beautifully formed selection of acts – Wonderfully wicked storyteller-in-rhyme Suki Silver Tongue will be spinning yarns of a seasonal nature, and then your very own Paul Preston Mills will crack the world’s smallest whip and The Flea Circus will spring into action! After that it’ll be time to tilt our faces skywards as aerial artiste Beaujolais Fox brings the show to a close with graceand beauty, and even then it’s not all over, because alongside DJ Vincent1000’s regular record spinning afterparty in the main room, The Grit’s auditorium will host musician and video artist Mark Sargeant, who’ll be performing video with live guitar soundscape. Yes! An extra room of art-happening; because you’re all so very worth it!


Suki Silver Tongue

Lusciously lyrical and sublimely subversive, Suki SilverTongue straddles the worlds of poetry and storytelling, serving up deliciously decadent versions of classic tales as you’ve never heard them before. Journey into a fantasy realm filled with kick-ass heroines, wondrous creatures, poetic justice, and unexpected twists, as timeless as it is bang up to date. Traditional tale telling meets contemporary observation to dance the tango with a rose between gritted teeth, and all sprinkled with just a smidgen of magic and nostalgia.

“Suki Silvertongue is beguiling, engaging, entertaining, intelligent, witty, funny and very very saucy… everyone who was there asks weekly when she is coming back.” Geoff Dixon, The Burston Crown

“How wonderful to hear funny, sexy, lyrical rhymes that not just amused an audience but had them rollicking around with laughter…. Modern Victorian music hall saucy banter.” 


Cosmo Hardy, Foolhardy Circus.
Roll up, Roll up, the Circus is coming to town!

Flea Circuses have been in existence for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years, a street entertainment for the masses with a curiosity factor that feels undiminished, even in these days of endless technological wonders. It’s rare to find people who haven’t heard of a flea circus, but it’s even rarer to find people who’ve actually seen one!

Using all manner of hidden Heath Robinson trickery, you will witness feats of wonderperformed by the smallest puppets in the known world, and all under the direction of the extraordinary ringmaster himself Paul Preston Mills.
extraordinary ringmaster himself Paul Preston Mills.High wire thrills, soccer skills, feats of strength and daring deeds, and a death-defyingexplosive finale!
Say Hello to my little friends!!!


Beaujolais Fox

What can we say! When we moved The New Curiosity Shop to The Grit we knew that it was time to bring some aerial performance to Lowestoft, and we knew that it have to be the wonderful Beaujolais Fox. She’s a marvel on the ground, but in the air she’s simply divine. Beaujolais specialises in aerial hoop, and has performed her elegant and powerful routines at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, and closer to home on the main stage at Maui Waui Festival. Enjoy!

Mark Sargeant

We’re delighted to be able to bring you the work of Mark Sargeant.
Space and time. Textures both smooth and rough. Soundscapes and landscapes. The macro and the micro. Video with guitar soundscape. In the auditorium.

DJ Vincent1000

Another vinyl finale from our resident afterparty selector – it’s Christmas so expect it to be random and a bit weird, but definitely FUN!


Plus The Grit Café Bar for all your beverage requirements.

Saturday December 17th
Doors 7.00pm
Show 7.30-8.45pm
DJ Vincent1000 and Mark Sargeant 9.00-10.30pm

Tickets £10.00 Adv & £12.00 Door

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