The Grit: Lowestoft Centre for the Arts & Heritage

The Grit is your new centre for the arts & heritage

The Grit will provide single, landmark space in which the display of art and sculpture will take place alongside a programme of arts events, evening performance, cinema, and community activities.

As part of its remit, the Grit will also have a particular obligation to celebrate and promote the unique heritage of Lowestoft.


The Grit will comprise a large exhibition space; performance hall(s); a cinema; heritage centre, gallery and archive with attached reading room; multi-purpose community spaces; meeting rooms; rehearsal spaces; ticket/box office, cinema retail area and shop; and casual dining.

the grit will enhance the reputation of Lowestoft

The quality of work which the Grit displays and the calibre of the performances it hosts will be crucial to securing success and enhancing the reputation of the venture.  Selection of work will therefore be rigorous and the Grit will be promoted as a prestigious space in which to exhibit or perform. A growing reputation as a venue of quality will help shift negative perceptions of Lowestoft.  The success of a new cultural centre will redress the view that Lowestoft is of little value culturally, and will provide a platform for local work – where it is of sufficient merit – to be displayed alongside that sourced from elsewehere.  Furthermore, the Grit will rehabilitate the heritage of Lowestoft, reframing it – literally and figuratively – and promoting it to audiences beyond those already loyal to it, whilst helping to preserve it for future generations.

The Grit will be a highly desirable place of employment, and will be staffed by local people.  It will provide considerable contributions to the local economy by bringing in transient custom from outside Lowestoft.